In the 1943 Zoot Suit Riots in Los Angeles, CA, European-American Soldiers and Marines saw the now famous “zoot suit” attire of young Latino youths to be unpatriotic and an insult to the american way. These Soldiers and Marines lashed out at a group of Latino young adults simply because of their new niche in their culture and the young latina women with those young men did not take this sitting down. This sparked the ever protective latinas to not only fight men when necessary but to also carry razor blades in their hair so they could always be prepared to stand up for their fellow latino.

Santana Lopez may or may not have had razor blades all up in her fairy veil but she did have one thing going on; protective instinct. No one fucks with her people and she will do anything in her damn power to fight for them. Period. RIB snuck this small bit of history in on us and I adore it and what it says about Santana’s personality. Santana Lopez is protective, watchful, secretly caring and a modern Pachuca from Lima Heights. Latinas for the mother-fuckin’-win.