[FIC] From My Heart Flow


TITLE: From My Heart Flow
PAIRING: Faberry
WORDS: 750
SUMMARY: Quinn provides Rachel with some inspiration.
NOTES: This is for Amie AKA The Saddest Little Hobo of Them All. And this is actually not all of it. I’ll be writing a follow up (or two) to encompass all that she requested of me. Plus, this little tangent ‘verse I’ve launched is already writing itself.  And the title’s from a Natasha Bedingfield song about songwriting.

(Written on the fly. No beta. Deal with it.)

Quinn definitely hadn’t burned herself with a curling iron. Please. She wasn’t a total dumbass.

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Stupid fic

I sometimes hate reading good Glee (Faberry, obv) fanfic because watching the show after is painful. Current culprit: This Kiss.