There have been an incredible amount of artistic talent involved in The Pride!

This here is just a sampling of some of their art, there is so much more awesome, wonderful, beautiful art to see!

Which is why we want to keep it all in one place, in one massive collected edition! A stunning collection with this whole community working towards creating a world of better LGBTQ+ representation for all the fans, whether they are LGBTQ+ themselves or not!

You’ll find work from Gavin Mitchell, Dan Harris, Dani Abrams, @jdmakescomics, @kristaferanka, @melovecomics, @snibbits, @csmithart, @denismedri, Christian Wildgoose, Jack Davies, @kendalldgoode, @marcellerby, @jackademus, @wscottforbes, @pryce14, @kirbish, Samir Barrett, Ryan Cody, @jacopocamagni, @adamgraphite.

You can help make it happen here!

We’re almost there! Just one last hurdle and we’ll make it! Help The Pride now and show the world how much LGBTQ superheroes are wanted!