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it’s definitely the lack of mourning thing that’s getting to me—bcs like, obviously it’s not like no other relationship on this show has ever ended in tragedy, but at least in other cases ppl’s pain got to be recognized and acknowledged? and like the fact that the narrative kept really aggressively hammering that home—patsy doesn’t get medical info bcs they’re only giving it out to her “nearest and dearest,” delia’s mom only knows of her as the lady from scouts, like, again and again with this really intense focus on Patsy Is Going To Suffer Alone and it just felt… very gratuitous and cruel.

Yeah, that’s what got to me too. When she’s going ahead and cleaning up the apartment (when I was rewatching, when she kneeled and then rolled up her sleeves and started to pick up the previous night’s mess, I just put my head in my hands and bawled…she’d have had such vivid memories of the day before, and so many hopes and promises for the future and now nothing) because, as Delia said, she’s good with facades. She’s hurting so much and she has no outlet at all.

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The weirdest thing is I’d expect this sort of crap from an American show but the friggin’ BBC!?!

Ah, but they gave us the death on Last Tango in Halifax too. And I did expect better from both these series, not because they were BBC but because they were ultimately heartwarming and positive dramas. For them to go the way they did in 2015 is pretty discouraging. All the advances and this is the absolute best we can get? And I dunno, I was sad but mostly really angry and in disbelief about LTiH. This, I’m just really sad about. It’s such a reminder of what we are, drama fodder and maybe a way to show how progressive they are, but just props in the end. People have been quick to say that there have been other tragic endings on the show, but how many happy, hopeful m/f relationships have there been? On the show and off, really. This is like one of so few ongoing we were looking to, and they made it as absolutely sad and hopeless as they could. Even if Delia comes back, I don’t really see the point in ending as they did.

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I am so sorry. I have resisted this show, and I have to be honest, as
great as it probably is, I am even less interested in diving in now.
What’s it going to take to keep queer people alive on tv? PS writers,
it’s not the 60s. It’s okay to mix it up.

I would still recommend the series as a whole, I think. Especially going in knowing how this storyline will end, there won’t be such a sock to the stomach. But I can well understand wanting to stay away. (I should mention that both of them are still alive, just, one has completely forgotten about the other and is being taken away.) I suppose we can wait till next year and see how it goes.