(Call the Midwife spoilers)

I’m still so sad and upset and I’m not sure why, I’ve seen worse and been more invested. I think it comes down to me expecting to feel sad about the historical treatment of queer people ( don’t think any of us thought they’d move in and that’d be that) but instead, I’m sad about that AND the treatment today. This was so unnecessary, it was gratuitous and cruel and deliberately manipulative, and I feel betrayed. That they only got a main storyline to kill it off like this, in a way that hurt Patsy so much. Because, yeah, ‘60s lesbian, can’t tell anyone! But she can’t even mourn the relationship as she could have a close friend.

And it’s so trivial, what happened. It’s not a death (“at least” as my friend kept trying to tell me), it’s actually a really common trope BEGINNING, it could be solved literally in one instant of memory coming back, hell, it could have (not that it would have) come back before the episode-ending narration/montage, just a shot of Delia jerking upright with widened eyes. But we won’t get it, however simple a solution this time, we still won’t get it, because it’s just easier drama to keep the lesbians sad.