[image description: three graphics. The first reads December 20: Free eBook! The second shows a the cover of The Second Mango and the blurb “It’s hard to find a girlfriend when you don’t know any other lesbians, so the young, nerdy Queen Shulamit hires the legendary warrior Rivka to take her around the kingdom on the back of her dragon in search of other girls like her. But the simple quest quickly turns into a rescue mission when they discover a temple full of women turned to stone by an evil sorcerer. Below that is an illustration of Shulamit and Rivka riding a dragon]



This holiday season, Prizm Books is giving away the first book in a series every day. Today, December 20, 2014, is my day, so they’re giving away The Second Mango in hopes that you’ll fall in love with the characters and want to buy the next books in the series (Climbing the Date Palm, and A Harvest of Ripe Figs, due out next month along with some short stories.)

If you’ve been following my blog for months ogling the dragons, warriors, and f/f stuff, now’s your chance. Since free probably means I don’t get royalties from this, I ask only that if you wind up liking it you spread the word and tell people about it. (And, you know, read the rest of the series. I’m working on book four, after all!)

art = erikahammerschmidt. More character art available here.