I started to make a page just listing my femslash ships… I’ve done three. This is really hard work.

This went a lot faster once I stopped looking for pics as I added each ship. Still adding the screencaps, which is why I’m posting gifsets from random fandoms as I go through them, but I’m mostly done with the actual listing, I think. Every once in a while I’ll think of a new one but this is pretty near final for now.

The pics part is still taking super long, though. THERE ARE SO MANY. I wasn’t sure at what shipping intensity to set the limit at so this basically includes everything from “would pay a large amount of money to see happen” to “pretty active in the fandom” to “an author I liked wrote fic so I tried it and liked it” to “I appreciate the gifsets on my dash” to “I’d rather see this ship than with that other character”.

I’m just a very shippy person, always have been (I remember as, like, a four-year-old, wanting MacGyver and Teri Hatcher’s character to get together) and the bulk of these are where there are already strong relationships present, but a few are definitely more “hey, you know what’d be interesting…?” I’d try to make a similar page for het ships but I couldn’t even begin to make a list, it’d run into the thousands.

This whole exercise’s made me realize a few things, though. One, I don’t seem to overly favor the canon stuff? I obviously don’t hate it, but they usually just end up being not done the way I want. And I have a LOT of anime ships for someone who mostly stopped watching years ago.