One of the biggest questions, I think … is what’s gonna happen with Cosima and Delphine?

Jordan Garvaris on InnerSpace RAW about Cosima/Delphine (he also mentions epigenetics in regards to how the clones are similar different and stresses that most of their traits are nature rather than nurture)

#can we all stop acting like the show is saying cosima’s queerness comes from her environment?

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I didn’t even realize people were saying that. I mean, I guess that could have been a possibility, in that all of them are bi, but Cosima’s presumably laid back upbringing and experimental nature made her more likely to act?

But I thought the whole point of the experiment was to, you know, experiment on the clones and thus make them a little different. And some similarities, all of them are intelligent, there seem to be issues with drugs and mental health shared across several of them.

I’m wondering about the other clones’ backgrounds, though. Have they been researching into their own families and the circumstances in which they were born? Why are most (or all, if Donnie’s clean) of the monitors only showing up now? Unless there have been other, earlier ones.