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what the fuck is moon moon?

I posted this werewolf name generator with a story attached, someone deleted the story and everyone began reblogging with their ‘werewolf’ names, despite how terrible the names were. I was annoyed with that, but it was something I could handle. Then someone used the thing wrong, got the name ‘Moon Moon’, and then proceeded to say that they would be the most ‘r******d’ werewolf. Now people are making photos (memes) making fun of ‘Moon Moon, the mentally handicapped werewolf’.

Some people say they just think he’s a big, lovable, but dumb werewolf, as if making fun of people who are not as ‘smart’ as other people is still acceptable. I have a close mentally handicapped friend who got into a horrendous car crash, so seeing that it was spawned from a picture of mine, it makes me pretty much cry every time I see it. Despite asking people to stop, because it’s possible to stop posting things, it’s not that hard, people continue to keep it going, even though I’ve already taken a two week break from tumblr in order to avoid it.

(if it’s not okay for me to reblog this, I will gladly remove it. I just want to make my followers aware of why this meme is hurtful and harmful.)

So guys. Don’t reblog moon moon.