#aaaagh NANIIIIIIIIII #like omg guys she was an only child for most of her life i mean lilo was probably born when she was at least 14 #and she had just figured out how to be a good sister when all of a sudden she was all this little girl had #(they were all each other had) #and she didn’t know how to be a parent she didn’t even know how to be an adult #and lilo is so weird HER SISTER IS SO WEIRD and she loves her so much #but it’s hard god she wants to protect her and make her happy and keep her safe #but she doesn’t know how and half the things that come out of lilo’s mouth are absurd #and she loves her she loves her and she doesn’t want her to change #and lilo has to know that she’s okay and she is precious #and she can’t lose any more #so nani is going to get her a good dependable loving warm dog #and lilo wants a fucking lobster #SISTERS OMFG #small and broken but still good #gif warning #gifset #crying everywhere this is a disgrace #lilo and stitch #man i’m just gonna rub my issues all over this helpless gifset ok