Daniel Tosh didn’t actually make a rape joke as part of his stand-up routine.


Here’s an article about the exchange that occurred.

He also has since apologized for everything that happened.

Do I think it was a good idea in the first place? No. Do I think he crossed a line by saying what he did? Definitely.

Do I think 99.9999% of people reblogging and posting opinions about this entire thing have even actually bothered to research what happened? Nope.

People make mistakes. Would you really want all of your blunders and missteps to be blogged, tumbled, and tweeted?

I know I wouldn’t.

I’m not sure how “well it sounds like she’s been raped by five guys”, if that’s what was said, wasn’t a joke?

The original account was detailed so this article, which has also been widely reblogged, is pretty much the word of the person who went there against that of the the club manager, who, as he admits, didn’t hear the exchange properly.

You have to wonder if Tosh would even have apologized if it hadn’t been for those 99.9999% ignorant people. The issue’s far past him now, though, and has moved on to the responses.