On Dianna’s Cosmo cover.


It’s probably just that I’m not following anyone, but: are people incensed about this?  Because I’ve seen a few people saying “ridiculous” but let’s actually analyze what this is doing for a moment.

Dianna Agron: “This is the happiest I’ve ever been; I feel like people are now finally seeing me as I see myself.”

Cosmo: “Right, as flat-chested, so let’s fix that.”

This is a girl who’s made it to the age of 25 without any discernible body image issues, from what we know of her — and I say this primarily because Lea’s insecurities are so public that it feels like Dianna is fine by relative comparison, and … yes, this is everything I know about celebrities, other than that Naya once was like “People will try to get you down and you can’t let them or diet like crazy just to make it in Hollywood”, which also sounds like someone who has overcome some shit.  So, anyway, let’s assume that Dianna, despite having felt like a dork in high school, has generally felt good about herself.

Excellent!  And let’s have her pose for a women’s magazine, which again, is in some ways more self-affirming than posing for a lad’s mag, or it should be in theory, except then Cosmo decided that she wasn’t actually … what.  Female enough to grace their cover?  Sexy?  Beautiful?  Complete?

The photoshopping is so ridiculous that on some level it is hilarious, but if I was Dianna and saw myself like this, I’d double-take and then stare at myself and, yeah, it would create issues where there were none before.  Or, you know, in the event that she’s always been self-conscious about not being large-breasted (which would be entirely normal, because honestly, what woman doesn’t have something they’re self-conscious about?), this is basically just reinforcing those issues where really they shouldn’t exist at all because she is beautiful in every single way (tm Christina Aguilera).

Really though, Cosmo: how about your next editorial is just “10 Ways To Make Women Everywhere Feel Like Shit” because clearly you know more about that than the male orgasm and how to prolong it in 8 new and exciting ways.