Kiss Me Thru the Phone (Faberry Fic Part 4/4)


Summary: Quinn and Rachel’s text conversations.

Pairing: Quinn/Rachel

Words: 2,800

So this is something random I started writing a few weeks ago. Rachel and Quinn strictly through text messaging. Of course, there are other fics out there like this, but this was just for fun.

I guess the only things you need to know are that Quinn’s text messages are in bold and Rachel’s are regular. And the time stamps next to the texts are kinda important sometimes. Everything is intentional. Thanks for all the messages about this fic. It’s over for now… i still owe you two behind the scenes posts. Who knows…maybe i’ll resurrect this once season 3 starts, or maybe i’ll write add-ons randomly. I’m also going to post it to now that it’s complete.

Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 

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Definitely worth the read. 🙂